Trans Women

Things That Tell Your Date Adores You – A Guide for Trans Women

If it has been years since you had a relationship, dating can be overwhelming. It is understandable why you are willing to go out with a random guy you just met in a bar. You simply want to take your chances. However, a trans woman should keep an eye on the personality of the guy she is dating with. After all, there are signs that tell if a guy truly adores you.

Simple things like using the term ‘trannies’ can mean a lot. In the world of LGBT, this term is not the best you would want to be called. Using this term on you is already a sign that the guy does not mind offending you. You should also be mindful of how he treats you. You deserve respect just like any cisgender woman. Do not settle for less because you can possibly find a guy who would open the door for you or ask you about what you love doing without initiating the topic about what you are like in bed. A guy who respects you will also not talk about details regarding your past. Asking about your real full name is just not appropriate especially on your first date.

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